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NaMaNa duo

NaMaNa, a dynamic duo and real-life couple has embarked on a captivating journey through life and music. Their musical partnership blossomed in 2014, inspired by their transformative travels through India. Enthralled by the country's culture and vibrancy, they forged the enchanting duo NaMaNa and started a musical odyssey that spanned five unforgettable years, performing both as NaMaNa and alongside musicians from across the globe. In pursuit of fresh inspiration and growth, they ventured to Canada in 2019, settling initially in Toronto. There, they were alumni of the Emergence Cohort program by Small World Music, immersing themselves in the Canadian music industry and sharing their harmonious melodies with audiences throughout Toronto. As the call of the ocean and a desire for smaller communities beckoned, NaMaNa transitioned to the East Coast, where they continue to weave their musical magic, spreading joy and harmony wherever they go.


NaMaNa's music is a fusion of the cello's soft tones, the vibrant sound of bass, and mesmerizing vocals, complemented by the ethereal resonance of the musical saw. Their repertoire spans various genres and languages, crafting intellectual compositions that evoke a tranquil lounge atmosphere. Despite being a duo, their rich and immersive sound captivates audiences, offering a unique and unforgettable musical experience.



Anna Shabalina - cello, musical saw, vocals

Linar Rizatdinov - bass guitar, vocals



Linar Rizatdinov is a versatile musician renowned for his mastery of pop, jazz, and ethnic music. His repertoire spans from jazz classics and chart-topping hits to vibrant tribal African and Indian rhythms, guaranteed to get you moving with his infectious bass lines. With boundless creativity and a deep understanding of diverse musical traditions, he has played a pivotal role in shaping the contemporary Tatar urban culture. Linar stands as a trailblazer, reviving and championing Tatar traditional music both at home and on the international stage.



Anna Shabalina is a cellist with classical training. Her musical journey began at 9 with cello and piano, later expanding to guitar and vocal technique. After studies at Kazan Conservatoire Music College and Gnesin Russian Academy of Music, she embraced diverse collaborations and performances worldwide, including in India. In 2019, she moved to Canada, participating in music industry programs and captivating Toronto audiences with solo and ensemble performances. Amidst lockdowns, she collaborated with pianist Milana Bunakova before embarking on a new chapter on the East Coast, continuing her passionate pursuit of music.


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